same sex marriage

same sex marriage should be legal in every country in the name of humanity and human rights. don’t you think???



i don’t feel good. i don’t feel good at all. i know i should be strong. but through these days, it’s just so fucking hard. nothing makes sense to me anymore. nothing is enjoyable. when i speak none can even hear me. you know, i’m curious. i wanna know how much more i can take. i’ll see the end of this. or i’ll die trying!! so bring it on world!! :3


living in a small country with a huge population is very hard. if you are not experienced it’s even harder to explain. it’s hard to get any transport, it’s hard to reach your destination in time. so as i started for college today with my dad, we found no vehicle. if you have a car it’s simpler. but a lot of people can’t afford that. so we had to get on a over crowded bus. i was really frustrated and thinkin “why can’t people wear a fuckin condom?” i was pretty mad :3 but seriously, if we can’t control this huge population…it’s scary to imagine what will happen. mother earth has already shown she’s NOT happy with us for ruining the sound environment. some times i fear if we continue this torture, earth will be destroyed even before the sun does. will there be any other intelligent life after us? were there any other intelligent life before us? is there any other intelligent life somewhere? is an alien writing a blog like me right now? who knows! 😀

Hello world!

hi to anyone who’s reading my blog right now. this is my very first blog and i’m pretty much excited. i’m a Bangladeshi girl & i’m 19 years old. teenage is the period of a human’s life when he goes through different kinds of emotions. some can express ’em & some can’t. i created this blog to share my thoughts. specially the ones i can’t share usually. also i wanna be a writer in future. so i think it’ll improve my writing capacity. so, basically i created this blog to show that an ordinary teenager you never notice has a lot of stuffs to say too. maybe if you listen to her, you’ll find you and i are not so different. thanks 🙂